Top 8 Inspiring Landscape Designs in 2019

landscape designs for your garden

Top 8 Inspiring Landscape Designs in 2019

Looking for landscape design ideas is the best way to help shape your plans for the coming year and get inspiration from the compelling creations that experts in the field have developed.

The following 8 landscape gardening designs will be a great starting point, giving you the fuel you need to get your own creative juices flowing. Whether you adopt one idea or pick and choose elements from several, 2019 is the year to realise your garden design dreams.

landscape designs for your garden

Work With Wood In Compact Spaces

The trend for decking rose to prominence in the 1990s and fell out of favour fairly soon afterwards. However, wood can be an excellent material to choose if you have a limited area of land to work with.

Part of the appeal of wooden decking is that it retains a natural look while being immensely durable, so long as it is properly treated during installation. Combining it with modern balustrades and counterpointing it with greenery is a great option for attractive urban gardens.

Be aware that working with wooden decking can be difficult, both from a design and installation perspective. Getting landscape gardening architects to assist you at this point is a good move, since that way you will not have to compromise on any element, or struggle with the execution of your plans.

2019 landscape designs

Reuse & Recycle

The increased awareness surrounding the dangers of plastic waste generated in the past couple of years means that more people are looking to live their lives in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way. There is no reason that landscape gardening designs cannot reflect this ethos as well.

Turning the plastic shells of unwanted electronic devices into flower pots is a great example of this modern movement. If you do not have any outdated equipment to hand at home, you can visit your local recycling centre to find good that others have discarded to fill the same role.

inspiring landscape designs

Embrace Raised Beds

Raised beds provide a number of benefits, ranging from ease of maintenance to overall attractiveness and improved safety from pests for your plants.

Adding raised beds is one of the best garden landscaping ideas because it is also quick, easy and less disruptive than digging out a bed into the lawn itself. If you decide to move the beds at a later date or remove them altogether, you can restore your garden to its former state without lots of time and effort.

Another advantage of raised beds is that they can be positioned on pieces of land that do not have access to soil. For paved spaces, cramped gardens and regions where the quality of the soil is fairly poor, this can be a boon.

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Sheds As Usable Spaces

For most people, a shed will be little more than a weatherproof storage area for all of the detritus they use to keep their garden looking trim. With the help of landscape gardening architects, this space can become attractive and practical, rather than dank and cluttered.

This year, why not invest in a shed that you can use as an extra room, with windows, furniture and electricity to allow for all sorts of activities. Whether you want a place to craft and create, a workshop to build and design, an area for the kids to play or an outdoor bar to entertain guests in the summer, a shed can fulfill a range of requirements.

landscape ideas for your garden

Bring Fencing To Life

You might not think of your garden fence as an integral part of the landscaping process, but in actuality it can be a great canvas to use as a contrast to the plant life and structures you choose. This is especially relevant if the fencing is doing more than just defining a boundary between gardens, since in many cases it may be used to disguise something unsightly, which means that it too needs to appeal to the eye of the beholder.

Instead of painting your fence in a natural colour, retaining the look of the wood or using a darker treatment on its surface, why not opt for lighter hues? When it comes to garden design ideas, photos of the possible outcomes will be worth studying before you take the plunge, allowing you to plan your fence paint choice and match this to the flowers you will be growing to get the best results.

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Gravel Is Your Friend

Visit any number of the world’s most prominent public gardens and you will often find that the paths that ring the beds and lawns are laid with gravel. There are a number of good reasons for this, from the effective drainage properties to the low maintenance and weed resistance that it offers.

Adopting similar landscape design ideas may not be completely practical in a domestic space, but the benefits of gravel are applicable even in the smallest gardens. If a paved path is a little too unnatural or inappropriate for the rest of your layout, consider gravel as a viable alternative.

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Revamp With Vegetables

Flowers are undeniably attractive, but they offer little practical benefit to gardeners. If you want to support plant life that looks good and also has a secondary use, you could turn your flower beds into vegetable patches and create a kitchen garden that will make you the envy of your neighbours.

Veg can grow, flower, fill your garden with colour and then supply you with tasty, organically grown treats to supplement your grocery shopping throughout the season.

For businesses that have gardens to tend, this is another of the many worthwhile garden landscaping ideas to consider, since customers will appreciate both the novelty and the sustainability of vegetable patches being used in place of decorative flower beds.

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Make Use Of Mirrored Surfaces

When it comes to man-made ornamentation for your garden, you have a host of options available, each of which has its positive points and potential pitfalls. You might be drawn to using classic stone-hewn creations to adorn your outdoor areas, not considering that there are other materials that can have their own impressive impact once installed.

Sculptures with reflective exteriors are an excellent choice in this respect, since they can both draw the eye while mirroring the world around them. This lets you double down on the other landscape design ideas that you have adopted, allowing them to echo, expand and replicate when seen in the surface of a mirrored object.

For those on a budget, adding a mirror to a garden wall or fence and surrounding it with greenery to make it less conspicuous can be an effective strategy. This is not just cost effective, but also allows you to give the impression that a small space is actually a lot larger.

Most of all, when thinking about landscape design ideas to pursue in 2019, it is sensible to get started with planning as soon as possible to ensure that you have enough time to set up and enjoy the results of your labours later in the year.

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