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  • The colder months of the year bring most things to a halt in the garden. The last roses have dropped, the sedums are turning brown, and leaves cover everything. While it’s

  • October brings beautiful crisp blue skies framed by fiery coloured falling autumn leaves – the perfect backdrop for mid-autumn garden maintenance. The last of the cool sunn

  • Summer’s glut is tailing off, and summer flowers are going to seed. While it’s not quite autumnal weather every day yet, the cooler nights and occasional gusty winds can ma

  • Leafmould is an excellent way to use fallen leaves to add nutrients and structure to your soil. It can be used all year round as a soil conditioner or mulch to support a ba

  • Those first signs of spring are something special. As if by magic, snowdrops seem to bloom overnight and daffodil bulbs begin to push their way to the surface.  As our even

  • It’s easy to see why so many of us love to spend time in the garden. Whether you enjoy hosting summer barbeques, playing football with the kids or growing your own vegetabl

  • Whether you live in a city property with limited space or have a small garden you want to make the most of, it’s not always easy to create something spectacular when you do

  • The middle English word ‘maze’ more or less translates as ‘delirium’ or ‘delusion’. Back in the sixteenth century, hedge mazes were embraced by European royalty as a means

  • Mowing your lawn, when first starting out can be a tricky task in hand. Luckily, there is a range of tips & tricks in order to help smooth the process. In our years of

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