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  • The middle English word ‘maze’ more or less translates as ‘delirium’ or ‘delusion’. Back in the sixteenth century, hedge mazes were embraced by European royalty as a means

  • Mowing your lawn, when first starting out can be a tricky task in hand. Luckily, there is a range of tips & tricks in order to help smooth the process. In our years of

  • Garden renovations can range from the simple and straightforward to the opulent and outrageous. Here are 12 examples that could inspire you to make changes to your own gard

  • Looking for landscape design ideas is the best way to help shape your plans for the coming year and get inspiration from the compelling creations that experts in the field

  • Another year is almost over and the time to finish up on your final gardening chores has nearly run out. To help make sure that you get all the crucial jobs done before...

  • There are some mistakes every gardener makes, even if they have years of experience in nurturing plants...

  • Summer is a great time of year to get out there and enjoy your garden. If you’re itching to pop some gloves on and start work...

  • A luscious, green lawn is every gardener’s dream. But all too often, pesky weeds pop up and turn dreams into nightmares. Our customers are always asking us how to keep weed

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