11 Top Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Garden

Painted Garden Fence

11 Top Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Garden

Whether you live in a city property with limited space or have a small garden you want to make the most of, it’s not always easy to create something spectacular when you don’t have a lot of room outdoors. 

The good news is that there are plenty of small garden ideas out there. Whatever type of garden you have, there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to create a garden that looks fantastic and works for you. To help get you started, we’ve put together some of our favourite small garden landscaping ideas below that are sure to inspire you to get your gardening gloves out. 

1.Think about how you use your space

Before you start working on your garden, it’s important to think about how you use your space. Whether you love to relax outside with a good book or enjoy entertaining friends and family, these considerations will inform how your garden will look and function when it’s complete. 

It may be a good idea to draw or plan the dimensions of your space and note down where you’ll put key items. These could include your furniture, dining area and path layout. Remember most small gardens can accommodate everything you need; the key is to plan carefully and get creative.

2.Invest in multipurpose furniture

Whether you’re looking for city garden ideas or need some tips for making the most of your outdoor space, one of our best tips for areas limited in space is to invest in multipurpose furniture. For example, a low wall could double as a seating area or stools could function as storage and table space as needed. 

Again, think about the type of items you are likely to need in your space and find out if you can incorporate them in clever ways.

Garden Furniture

3.Elevate plants

For gardens limited in floor space, a good small garden idea is to elevate your plants. Traditional hanging baskets are always a popular option as they give a pop of colour while not encroaching on your garden space. 

However, there are other options to think about too. You could incorporate a stepped or multi-level planter or place potted plants on elevated stands to avoid taking up too much floor area.  

Garden Shelving

4.Put up shelves 

Another small garden idea to maximise space is to invest in shelving. While we often have plenty of shelves inside, outdoor shelves aren’t quite as commonly used. However, they’re ideal for smaller spaces. Whether you use them as additional table space (for example, near your garden furniture) or somewhere to put additional plants, shelving helps to add interest to your garden without compromising on precious floorspace. 

Garden Shelves

5.Think vertically

As well as investing in hanging baskets or shelving, it’s important to think vertically when planning your small garden ideas. There is often a lot of unused space on your walls or fences, which, when used well, could become a real focal point of your garden. 

For example, you could invest in trellises and climbing plants to add some extra colour. Alternatively, living walls are becoming increasingly common. These are completely self-sufficient garden features, which can often thrive in built up areas (particularly useful if you’re looking for city garden ideas). 

Vertical Garden

6.Consider scents

While there can be some drawbacks to smaller outdoor spaces, one of the benefits is that you can really make the most of beautifully scented plants. Whether you love the smell of lavender or the sweet scent of a freshly bloomed rose, there are plenty of small garden ideas out there that make the most of scented plants.

We recommend taking the time to smell the flowers, so to speak. Find your favourite scents and test how they work together. Plant them near to each other (and near to your seating area) to get the most out of their natural perfume.

7.Use every corner

When you have a small garden, you have to get creative with how you use your space. That means using every nook and cranny you have available. It can often be a worry that doing this will feel overcrowded, but there are a lot of small garden landscaping ideas that can help to prevent that.

For example, instead of placing your furniture in the centre of your space, consider putting it into one corner. This will give an airier feel and give you the opportunity to use the rest of the space for other purposes. Another option is to use alternative furniture styles, like hammocks or loungers, which can easily be placed in the corner of your garden (and removed after use if necessary). 

8.Go miniature

Large garden furniture and other items can overwhelm your space. This is particularly true if you’re thinking about city garden ideas or are looking for tips on what to buy for your smaller outdoor area. The good news is that there are plenty of options available that don’t take up too much room but still give you the effect you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re a keen vegetable gardener, there are miniature greenhouses out there that fit perfectly into smaller spaces. You can often also find small versions of your favourite garden furniture to help you maximise your area. 

9.Keep your colour scheme simple
When the time comes to choose your plants, remember that too much colour can be detrimental to smaller gardens. While we all tend to think carefully about our indoor colour schemes, it’s equally as important to think about your plant (and overall garden) colour palette too. 

It’s usually a good idea to stick to the rule of three when looking for small garden ideas. That means choosing three colours that work together and sticking to them in your plant choices. This will help to prevent your garden from feeling overcrowded and will keep consistency throughout. 

10.Paint your walls and fencing white
Don’t forget about your walls and fencing when looking for small garden ideas uk. Brown or green is often the colour of choice for garden fences, but these colours can actually make your garden feel smaller. 

We recommend painting your fencing (and your exterior walls) white to give the illusion of space. White can also help to make your plants stand out, particularly if you have them elevated on shelves or in window boxes.

Painted Garden Fence

11.Invest in lighting

Last but not least, good lighting is essential for creating a welcoming garden space. If you often entertain or enjoy sitting in the garden at night, there are clever lighting tricks that can give the illusion that your garden is bigger than it is. 

For example, spotlighting in key areas can broaden your area, while a gentle glow across your space provides a sense of atmosphere.

Layering is key, so think about creating a feature out of your lighting, as well as planning how it functions for your needs.

Let’s summarise…

 Whether you live in the city or have a smaller garden space out in the countryside, we hope you have found our guide to the best small garden ideas inspiring. If you’re looking for more gardening tips and advice from our experts, visit the Coleshill Mowing blog to read our latest news and garden information. 

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