38 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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38 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners

There are gardening gifts to suit every green-fingered friend, from complete novices to allotment experts and wildlife enthusiasts. We’ve gathered a list of the top 38 gardening gift ideas for 2020, each tailored to a specific type of gardener. Do away with the tired bath bomb set and shortbread biscuits and opt for a unique, thoughtful Christmas gardening gift that your family and friends can use all year round.

38 Best Gardening Gifts for 2020


For the Practical Gardener

For any regular gardener, everyday tools such as trowels, spades and shears are going to see the most wear and tear. These are simple yet useful gift options for the practical planters in your circle. Discerning gardeners will love this personalisable wood and copper toolset. A pair of the best secateurs, as voted for by Gardener’s World readers, wouldn’t go amiss. There are even pairs specifically for left-handed gardeners.

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Trug baskets are a versatile outdoor tool that double-up as a decorative garden feature. Use them to gather ripe fruit and vegetables, fresh-cut flowers or herbs. Traditionalists might prefer the classic Sussex trug, while lighter hand-woven baskets will be better suited for families with young gardeners helping out. There are highly practical plastic colander trugs or more decorative rustic woven wire and metal options.

For the Experimental Gardener

Plant cuttings and seeds from your own backyard or allotment are a great gift for your green-fingered friends and neighbours looking to add something new to their garden. Not only is it highly thoughtful, but it’s completely free. After some careful pruning, gathering and drying, you can create a truly personal gift, with hand-picked varieties that you know they like best.

For the Organised Gardener

There’s no better time to plan a future garden than in the short, chilly days of winter. For optimum growing conditions vegetables will need rotating and the perfect flowering display will take some thought. Wrap up a new garden planner for your most organised friends. They can cuddle up in front of the fire, pop Monty Don on the TV and get creative with next year’s designs. Send them our article on how to plan your 2021 summer garden for some helpful tips on how to get started.

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For the All-Year-Round Gardener

If come rain or shine, you always find this friend or family member tending to their sweet peas or carnations, a gift that they can enjoy all year long is a smart idea. You could opt for a gardening calendar, such as this fruit and vegetable option. Whether they’re growing flowers or food, a calendar will give them top tips on what’s in season and what to sow each month. Some calendars come with seed sets, making it easy for them to plant something new at the ideal time. Others are fully biodegradable and every month you can pop the plantable seed paper into the ground.

Go all out and buy them a subscription to their favourite seed supplier. The British Seed Subscription box will give them new British-grown wildflower seeds to plant every month. Subscribers to the Seed Pantry can choose 6 seed varieties, with new choices available each month, all perfectly suited to the seasons.

For the Animal Lovers

One of the greatest joys of gardening is sharing outside space with an abundance of wild creatures. With the right garden set-up, you could end up with butterflies, birds and even the occasional hedgehog. The National Trust has a range of animal-friendly products you can gift to family and friends hoping to encourage visiting wildlife.

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Help your loved one keep their feathered friends hydrated with a water dish. This is especially important for seed-eating species that receive little moisture from their diet. To get an even closer view of the action, this window bird feeder is ideal for small spaces and window boxes.

If you are looking for a present for a pet-free homeowner, a hedgehog house is a unique idea. Hedgehogs are the ideal garden dweller; they aren’t destructive and eat pesky pests such as slugs. A waterproof, hedgehog home will give them protection against the elements and inquisitive visitors. Your friends might even end up with a litter of hoglets come springtime!

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For the Beginners

A whole garden project might be a bit overwhelming for someone new to the gardening game. If you have a friend or family member keen to start cultivating but unsure where to start, help them out with a beginner-friendly gardening gift. Herbs are hardy, voracious growers, so a grow-your-own herb station is an easy place to start. With this kitsch indoor herb allotment, they can start small and still enjoy homegrown oregano, basil and coriander.

For the Muddy Gardeners

Some of our more enthusiastic gardening friends may traipse mud and leaf litter into the house in their excitement to show you their perfectly ripened tomatoes. To help them get the worst of the mud off, give them a quirky doormat or boot brush that they can leave in the doorway. For heavy-duty jobs, try this wire boot scraper. If you want a woodland creature to greet the little ones at the door, why not go for a hedgehog or stag cast iron boot brush. Parents of green-fingered children will thank you!

For the Vegetable Growers

The gardeners that have toiled away growing vegetables all year will love a guide on how to preserve their hard-earned harvest. Keeping those summer flavours on the dinner table all year round requires a lot of knowledge and a fair bit of skill. A book on preserving and storing produce, complete with pickle and relish recipes, is a brilliant gardening gift. Christmas dinner guests and summer picnickers will be thanking you for years to come after tasting the delicious green tomato chutneys, onion relishes and more.

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For the Wine Aficionados

If you know a keen gardener who loves to relax with a glass of wine after a hard day pruning and planting, why not give them a present that combines the two? With a grow-your-own wine kit, they get full instructions on how to grow and harvest the grapes, along with recipes for the wine itself.  Carefully cultivated to prosper even in Britain’s fickle climate, there are grape-growing kits for red, white, or prosecco fans. This set can even be personalised so that they can label their homegrown wine bottles with their name and location.

For the High Maintenance Gardens

Some gardens require consistent taming to keep them under control. Whether it’s mowing, strimming, weeding or hedge trimming, a garden maintenance service company can help. Give your loved ones the gift of time and a tidy garden by organising a regular garden maintenance service. You could give them a one-off Christmas clear-out to get rid of leaf litter and cut back overgrown trees and shrubs. Or, if you’re feeling extravagant, set them up for a full year so they can enjoy a weed-free, beautifully maintained outdoor space all through 2021. Goodness knows we could all do with an outdoor sanctuary to escape to after this year!

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For the Fancy Gardener

Getting your hands dirty in the garden doesn’t have to come at the cost of a good manicure, as your most glamorous gardening friends will already know. With the proper gear, you can stay mud-free even after the dirtiest jobs and keep those nasty nettles at bay. There is a huge range of personalisable gardening gloves available. Try these sturdy denim gauntlet gloves or this pretty, floral pair. You don’t need to stop at gloves, deck them out with a personalised apron and tool belt to complete the look.

For the Christmas Fanatics

We all know someone who is crackers about Christmas, starting their countdown the minute that they have packed away their decorations in the crisp days of early January. There’s no use fighting it, instead, why not give them a head start on future festivities? A grow-your-own Christmas tree set generally costs under £10, making it an ideal, affordable gardening gift. Start them off with a young, non-needle dropping Nordmann Pine and the whole family can watch it grow. A great stocking filler for kids are these biodegradable seed pods. They can be grown in pots to keep the pine trees a manageable size.

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For the Relaxed Gardener

More interested in soaking up those rare rays of British sunshine than tending to their tulips, this gardener is all about unwinding and enjoying the fresh air. Help them keep the garden party going with an array of gardening accessories. The whole family can gather around this fire pit and toast marshmallows even in the coldest winter months. After the wood burns out, these solar powered garden lanterns can light the way to the outdoor drinks trolley. If your budget allows, go all out with this portable, outdoor pizza oven! Who said gardening was all work and no play?

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Gardening Gift Ideas to Suit Every Gardener

2020 has been a trying year for us all. Getting outside, soaking up as much fresh air as possible and socialising safely outdoors is now more important than ever. Brighten up Christmas day with any one of these gardening gift ideas.

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